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Since 1996, we have provided services in relation to the structuring, establishment, marketing and operation of investment funds and investment products. We have incorporated our experiences into our beperator document generator. This structured and automated approach allows us to better understand complex legal issues and means a valuable saving of time for your projects.

Questionnaires will guide you through all of the important aspects of the document. This will enable you to attain your goal more quickly and reliably. The document is generated automatically. A single click of a button will produce an interlinked office document with correct cross references.
We do the day-to-day monitoring of the legal templates. Amendments of the law or new jurisdictions are implemented promptly in our software. You are notified of any changes.
You can use our software as Software as a Service (SaaS) via internet. There are no special requirements to meet on your side. Only an up-to-date web browser is required. Or you choose the variation Software-backed Service (SbS) and we will work on your documents together – on-site or via screen sharing – using our beperator.
The security of your data is our first priority. We host the beperator on our own servers in our own server room. Your data will never leave the protected sphere between the client and his lawyer. All data is transfered encrypted. We do continuous monitoring of our servers and services and perform regular security tests – by ourselves and by external security specialists.

Some features explained

The beperator is easy and efficient to use.


Status overview

To generate a new document, please create a new questionnaire. Every questionnaire consists of multiple forms. On the overview page you can see the current status of the questionnaire.


Questions on point

The individual forms ask all necessary information. Annotation user boxes provide additional information to help in the decision process.


Generate the document
at any time

The document can be generated at any time during the questionnaire.


Commented export

The generated version of the document – both the preview in the webbrowser as well as the exported office document – is available both as a plain version (without comments) and as a commented version.

The document now includes all information required to discuss any remaining open issues.


Interlinked Office Document

Of course, section numbers, cross-references etc. are implemented as fields. If an amendment to a provision in an exported office document results in different numbering of the sections, all cross-references will be adjusted automatically by your word processing software.


Available modules

The document generator beperator consists of different modules. The following modules are currently available:

  • Regulated Vehicle: Partnership Agreement and Offering Memorandum for the real estate asset class pursuant to Luxembourg law (S.C.S. / S.C.Sp.). Documents and questionnaire in German.
  • Unregulated Vehicle: Partnership Agreement pursuant to the laws of Luxembourg, England, Scotland or the State of Delaware (U.S.). Documents and questionnaire in English.
  • Due Diligence Reports: Reports for funds in legal form of corporation or partnership. Documents and questionnaire in German.
  • DAC 6 Reports: Examination of DAC 6 reporting obligations under German and Luxembourg. Documents and questionnaire in German.

We plan to make all modules available in German as well as in English.

Bödecker Ernst & Partner

Legal and tax advice in
Investment Management

We are an independent firm of lawyers and tax advisors. For the past twenty years, and since July 2011 as Bödecker Ernst & Partners, we have provided services in relation to the structuring, establishment, marketing, and operation of investment funds and investment products.

Since establishing our own firm in July 2011, we have asked ourselves how to use technology to improve the legal profession. We optimized our internal workflows and knowledge management with adequate tools at an early stage.

After the very positive experience with our own internal software development, we decided to also offer our digital products to our clients. With our beperator document generator we have created a product that supports our clients in creating legal documents from start to finish. Remaining true to our specialization, we focus on legal documents for the financial industry. We are thus able to combine our legal expertise with a modern consulting style.

Digital Milestones

  • 2014-2015. We are in the process of developing our digital consulting product: the beperator document generator! We use our proven technical platform and thereby benefit from our experience with our internal applications in the previous years.

  • 2014. Our handbook on German investment law, Investmentrecht, is replaced by our online commentary hosted on Beck-Online.

  • 2013. Our experience with our in-house developed Customer Relationship Management System are so positive that we decide to take the development of our website and our webbased Amended Laws and Regulations application into our own hands. We use the same technical platform for all of our applications and use synergy effects between the different development projects.

  • 2012. We start developing our own Customer Relationship Management System.

  • 2012. We transform the PDF version of our Amended Laws and Regulations (Lese­fassung von Gesetzen) into a webbased application.

  • 2011. We develop a customized Knowledge Management Solution based on Atlassian Confluence.

  • July 2011. Dr. Carsten Bödecker and Carsten Ernst establish Bödecker Ernst & Partner.

Our team

The beperator Team

Dr. Carsten Bödecker
Dr. Carsten Bödecker
Steuerberater . Rechtsanwalt
Harald Kuhn
Harald Kuhn
Nathalie Grenewitz
Nathalie Grenewitz
Attorney at Law
Alexander Skowronek
Alexander Skowronek
Steuerberater . Rechtsanwalt
Holger Hartmann
Holger Hartmann
Any Questions?
The professional expertise of each member of Bödecker Ernst & Partner contributes to our document generator. Your contact persons for all beperator-related issues are the ones mentioned here.

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